A Dream Winery

Built in 2005, our winery respects and enhances local architecture and materials. We strive to blend in with our surroundings, without altering the magical presence of the mountain.
The winery has an approximate capacity of 1.5 million liters in stainless steel tanks, an underground cellar with 1,000 oak barrels and stowage for about 1 million bottles. We also have ceramic egg heads, ideal for fermenting grape juice of white varieties and preserving red wines. For storing our premium wines, we have 2,000-liter French oak foudres and clay amphorae.
The winemaking team is the key to achieving this fusion of soil, technology, history and the qualified and sensitive work of human hands.


At Andeluna Cellars Winery we have obtained the ISO 22000 Food Safety Standards certificate in 2018, as part of our continuous improvement process. We work year after year on the safety management system in order to meet the needs of our customers and provide high quality products, under international standards.”

The legends that accompany our products are:

“Our products contain sulfites”

“It is recommended to avoid its consumption by pregnant and / or lactating women”