About Andeluna

We are proud to be mountain wines. Our name is inspired by the poetic merger between the most extensive mountain range on the planet and the moon that bathes it in light.
We are nestled next to the highest portion of the Andes, in alluvial soils that were part of the sea bottom 100 million years ago.
We are part of the living history of the Americas, united by the mountain range as its backbone.
Making mountain wines is both a commitment and a challenge, interpreting the rich history told by the austere flora, the changing colors, fresh aromas, and the flight of the mountain birds.
We make wines respecting this stunning backdrop, with the passion of our people and the desire to transcend borders with every bottle, which effectively becomes an Argentine ambassador around the world.

A Beautiful Story

Andeluna was born in 2003, when the world’s greatest connoisseurs of Argentine wine—the Reina Rutini family—and Ward Lay (son of the founder of PepsiCo) became business partners.
In 2013, the winery was acquired by the Barale Family, known in Brazil in the area of energy, and in the wine industry in Argentina, for their experience as owners of the La Soñada winery in the south of Mendoza, with the Finca Martha wines.
Ever since they took over the business, the family placed an emphasis on setting up a group of highly trained professionals, and making important investments covering all areas of the company. The purpose was to continue growing and expanding in the industry, and developing the tools to approach consumers, always prioritizing the imprint and tenets conceived by the founders.

A Thriving Business

Andeluna is now a consolidated group with two production units with a combined capacity of approximately 2,300,000 liters.
The winery has a solid presence in Argentina and in more than 30 international markets, strategically positioned in the world of wine thanks to the high quality of its wines.
The winery has welcomed visitors from all over the world driven by world-class gastronomy and a unique experience.