Sensitivity Behind the Wines


Our head winemaker is a proud Mendozan, who is highly passionate about his trade.
For 20 years he has specialized in the production of world class wines. He has participated in harvest festivals in France, Spain and California, and his wines are highly renowned internationally. Manuel is also a prominent writer inspired by the land, the wine, the people and his roots, which are central characters in his works.

“A glass of wine speaks of its origin, of its place.
It evokes autumn-like sensations after an austere harvest and gives back aromas of the deep soil and long-suffering stones; the vibe of the man’s hands, who becomes worthy in every bundle tied, in every cluster cut; the freshness of the water that knows to be indispensable, hence its scarcity.
A place that gives us our identity and that we revere; we feel the terroir, we live the mountain

Manuel González

Celebrity Consultant


Born in Stellenbosch, the birthplace of South Africa’s finest wines, he is a Danish vintner who has been involved in famous wineries in Australia, Uruguay, Portugal, Spain, Hungary and France.
Hans has a long history in the wine industry, and has become our consultant winemaker since May 2015.
Together with Andeluna’s winemaking team, his job is to optimize the expression of the mountain in the Gualtallary terroir, striking in each wine the right balance and a perfect personality.

“It is a great opportunity to put your hands into this terroir and join the club of the great of Gualtallary. I was seduced by the winery’s decision to listen, to open up and to move into the future with a dynamic pace. These factors, together with Andeluna’s great technical team, made this an ideal situation”.

Hans Vinding-Diers