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Be part of our kitchen secrets, from the beginning to the end

The activity takes place during the morning. The class begins at 10 am and ends at 12:30, when the restaurant opens. The guest will be involved in the preparation of the mise en place of some of the most characteristic course of the 6 courses tasting Menu. He also will learn how to make the traditional ´empanada´ mendocina. Then we will give him unusual ingredients to create his own version of it. He will be witness and part of the making of.

At the beginning will be an informative meeting with the chef and rest of the staff. With a glass a wine and a relaxed atmosphere, the guest will enjoy participating and knowing the kitchen secrets from inside. Always will be a perfect moment to take pictures and have fun! After the class, the guest will enjoy the complete menu on a table with a privilege sitting.


PRICE: January to April $5.550 per person

FAMILIAR PRICE : January to April $9.600 per group


For up to 10 people – reservation required

Max. Capacity: 50 guests
Languages: English, Spanish, Portugues
Visits: Tuesdays to Sundays. 10:00 hs


Important: To confirm a reservation for this activity, we need the information of a credit card.
If it is cancelled in the previous 24 hours, we will charge 50% of the total amount.