The Barale family decided to enter the wine market in 2003 as a result of their relationship with an old family friend who had the idea to rejuvenate an almost 100 year old wine estate, situated in Villa Atuel in the southern part of the Mendoza province. Thus was born “Finca Martha” in honour of the various “Martas” in the family. In time, these wines became more commercialized in a variety of markets. With a bottling capacity of 700.000 liters, “Finca Martha” started to gain international recognition. One of the estate’s main objectives was to focus on the Brazilian market due to the family’s 20-year standing in that country’s energy sector.


After nearly a decade since its conception, the estate underwent a number of infrastructural changes which have lasted several years and have transformed the estate and placed it at a high technological level.

Needless to say, the objective has always been to stay a boutique estate. The wine knowledge achieved at Finca Martha allowed us to grow even more and later focus on more ambitious goals. These goals became a reality through the acquisition of Bodega Andeluna.


The task of assembling the different production units was not difficult, largely due to the collective ideas and values of a number of peole. At the point where Finca Martha took over the running of Andeluna, the estate had a reduced management infrastructure that was a professional unit with a great deal of success. The objectives were therefore easily established:

– create top quality wine

– become the benchmark for the exportation of Argentine wines

– maintain the estate’s structure in honour of the founders