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Our terroir


Our conception of piece of land goes beyond any theoretical definition and has much to do with the sensitivity that we feel in each natural element that interacts as the center of attention to reveal our identity. Weather, Soil, Vine, Human Being, Area, Flora and Fauna; all these converge and they fuse giving harmony between the physical and the biological thing to the point of which a grape has in all its creation that tumultuous information that then when it becomes wine, it will stop being…to express through the most exquisite definition something that for us is so simple: our Terroir. Terroir means that the wines from a specific area have unique characteristics defined by their soils, their weather, and the water that irrigates to the vineyards.

Andeluna is located in an almost 200 acres ranch above 1300 meters, in Gualtallary, Tupungato. The wines from this small region, coming from a very fresh area of Mendoza, offer a distinctive feature for its exceptional intensity in color, aromatic expression and structure.

Gualtallary defines itself by its altitute, extreme range of temperature – cold nights, extreme daily light-, rocky and downpours soils; an excellent underground drainage and rain shortage, these characteristics turn this area ecologically ideal for the growth of a healthy vine, without illnesses and it allows to harvest grapes in the perfect time of ripening.

Moreover, Gualtallary has a soil that gives special qualities to the wine. In between rocks, through sands, from time to time there is limestone. This calcareous soil makes the difference: there you find the structure. Those soils, hard to penetrate make the roots of the vines difficult to find depth and thus, they are not

fertile. This produces wines with great concentration.

For this reason, it is the Terroir chosen to create original wines and of great personality, where it dominates freshness and mineral characteristics of its soils.


“A glass of wine talks about its origin, of its place. It reveals autumm sensations after a austere vintage and it gives back fragances of deep soil and its suffered roots stones; the vibe of that man’s hands that makes worthy each bundle, in each bunch; the freshness of water which is vital and that is why it scarces. A place that identifies itself and which we adore because we are that place, because we feel Terroir.”

Manuel Gonzalez


In Andeluna vineyards, first quality grapes are obtained from vines of different ages planted by Italian inmigrants descendants, pioneers of the Argentine wine-making industry. By a careful canopy irrigation use, the grapes coming from small bunches of low production by acre.

During the farming time a polyphenolic maturity process is performed through daily tastings. The grapes are harvested manually, early in the mornings, and then they are placed in bins for a careful selection in the winery.