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Andeluna Club

We invite you to be part of Andeluna Club, a community of the winery and our customers. Those who belong to Andeluna Club would get to know more about our company, the region where we are located in, the wines that we elaborate and to share our experience. We want to share together with the wine that reaches your table and be part of those important moments. We want those memories from your trip to Mendoza, your visit in Andeluna and lunch in our restaurant be special, that they may last and that they could also be shared with the other club members.

If already registered, you can access by clicking here.

To subscribe only type your personal data by clicking here and you will receive an e-mail with your password…. Welcome!


For being part of Andeluna Club we offer you the following benefits:

  • You can participate for the launching of new wines and each of the new harvest and you will get the latest news.
  • You will have access to discounts and promotions informed monthly.
  • We will share recipesfrom our chef and his cooking tips that go with wines and meals.
  • You will have more surprises which you will be informed monthly.